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About us

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Business With Balls is a leading manufacturer in stress balls, juggling balls, and sports balls. With over 25 years experience in custom imprinting, manufacturing and motivational seminars, we pride ourselves in the professionalism we bring to any business relationship.

About one of our speakers:

Rob Peck

Rob Peck is a former professional juggler who's become an award winning motivational speaker, stress management trainer, and creativity consultant -who still defies convention (and gravity!)  We offer high energy- and highly interactive programs on flexible thinking, humor in the workplace and creative team building are individually designed to help leaders and their teams reduce Burnout and regain a better Life Balance.

Rob Peck loves to remind adults to play- and is a pioneer in the use of humor as a tool to consistently retain (rather than constantly retrain) key personnel.

Top 3 reasons to have Rob Peck as your next speaker:

  • Too many balls in the air is a feeling everyone can relate to and Rob's trademark ability to compellingly illustrate and lovingly spoof people's daily balancing acts immediately forges a strong, empathic connection that wins audience's trust.... and makes content come alive by linking lessons with laughter.
  • Forget power point! Rob Peck blends verbal and visual communication in such a fresh and fun way, listeners literally see core concepts of focus, flexibility (and responding to fallibility) IN ACTION!
  • Easy to work with and solid track record for creating customized juggling and balancing visuals to engagingly illustrate, and memorably animate main conference themes and/or key objectives of meeting.


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