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Point of Purchase Presentations

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Have you ever needed an in-pack or on-pack promotional gift to include with your company's product? Have you ever needed this promotional gift to reach a certain demographic, price point and all the while not be tossed away in the nearest bin?

We have the perfect promotional gift: Corporate Juggling Kits

We offer our corporate juggling kits with your company logo along with three relevant messages on either the benefits of your company's product or company's vision. In addition, we supply a speaker to stand either at the cosmetic stand or store aisle to create that "buzz" that is needed to promote your product. The speaker will not only educate consumers about your company's product, but they will teach them a new found skill that will last a lifetime.

There are wonderful benefits to including our corporate juggling kit with your product:

  • Spreadability and Working with Demographics

    The corporate juggling kit is neither age specific nor gender specific. It can be enjoyed by anyone. In addition the juggling balls do not just impact the recipient. Very often they are taken home, the joy of learning to juggle is shown off to friends, family & neighbors. Once learned, many people can not resist teaching others their new found skill. Each set of your company's juggling balls would be seen by many others, at picnics, on the beach etc.

  • Durability & Longevity:

    The juggling balls do not break. They have been designed to last for years. Not only that, but the more they are used the softer and squidgier they become. They become like that favorite pair of jeans, which seem to get better and more dear after every wash. Not only is the product durable but the skill is too. People who have learned to juggle are often seen at the fruit counter of supermarkets or on the tennis court making an air dance with three objects. The humor of that moment can be associated with the company and the gift.

  • Psychological Impact:

    We don't want to make great claims about the juggling, but it does seem to have an impact on the recipient's minds. Many people are thrilled to have faced and conquered a tangible physical challenge (something that is quite rare in today's age) and it has been shown to improve concentration, hand-eye coordination and in some cases it has made a remarkable difference in feelings of self worth. And, of course... it's fun. Learning to juggle and suddenly getting it makes people laugh, smile, and feel good about themselves.

  • Price Point:

    We will work with you to create a beautiful and irresistible juggling kit that will adhere to any price point.

  • Education:

    What better way to educate consumers about your product, while at the same time teaching them a new found skill such as juggling! The metaphor of juggling is applicable to our everyday lives. We are all trying to juggle the demands of work, home, and self. Our professional speakers can create that needed attention to your product all in a fun and light hearted manner.

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